Publication Nepa~laya is one of the leading book publication houses in Nepal. As one of the key players in the industry, Publication Nepa~laya assumes the responsibility to provide new impetus to the industry, which it has been doing since the first publication Palpasa Café in 2005. Publication Nepa~laya has always been looking for works with longer shelf life, and will continue to focus in that direction.

Publication Nepa~laya has published more than 50 books since its inception, from diverse genres such as fiction, non-fiction, poetry, literature, travelogue, biography, health and fitness, and insurgency in Nepal. Nepalaya's books have been well received by the readers and have been critically acclaimed. The books have also won several prestigious awards including the Madan Puraskar, the most prestigious literary award in Nepal, in multiple instances. Nepalaya's books have also been translated into various languages like English, Korean, and French.

Nepa~laya recognized the importance of preserving and promoting the richness of Nepali poetry, particularly in the digital age. To address this, Nepa~laya initiated e-Kavita , a virtual platform to connect poets, their poems, and readers, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of this art form. You can read and listen to poems from our e-Kavita portal here.

All of Nepa~laya's books are available worldwide through Amazon. You can browse and order the books from here. Nepa~laya's books are also available as e-books and audiobooks from Thuprai .


Publication Nepa~laya is managed by Nepa~laya, an art management company. Besides, the publication wing, it has its film production division to assist foreign filmmakers in managing their permits, logistics, and even research and story ideas. Nepa~laya also manages the popular folk-rock band Nepathya . Additionally, Nepa~laya also run Paleti, a micro-event series for promoting adhunik Nepali songs. Nepa~laya also runs Balrachana, an initiative aimed at facilitating children's learning through musical videos.

Kiran Krishna Shrestha is the founder of Nepalaya and is also the Chief Pubisher of the publication wing, Publication Nepalaya. Saijan Maskey heads the management of Publication Nepalaya as the CEO. Arpan Sharma is the co-founding Director - Public relations of Nepa~laya. Alka Shrestha (Maskey) is the Administation and Finance manager of Nepa~laya. Pradip Khanal is the accounts officer of Nepalaya.

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