A People War

A People War: Images of the Nepal Conflict 1996-2006

लडाईंमा जनता: नेपालको युद्दका चित्रहरु 2052-2062

Kunda Dixit

nepa~laya asked photographers and journalists to submit pictures they had taken of the past ten years of conflict. This book is a collection of 172 of the most outstanding among the 3,000 or so images submitted by photographers and journalists for this book. They are portraits of a country in pain. But the faces also tell a story of survival, hope and the triumph of the human spirit. Despite all odds, citizens struggled for peace and democracy and won. This is our story told in pictures taken by 80 photographers.

ISBN (Hardcover) 9799994620851
Pages 215
Language English
Edition Second
Genre Insurgency (History / Military / Pictorial)
Publication Date 15 Dec 2006
Kunda Dixit

Kunda Dixit

Kunda Dixit is the Editor and Publisher of Nepali Times, a weekly English language newspaper in Kathmandu. He also teaches journalism at Kathmandu University.