Achyut Krishna Kharel: An Autobiography

अच्युतकृष्ण खरेल: आत्मकथा

Achyut Krishna Kharel

This book is an autobiography of Former IGP Achyut Krishna Kharel. This autobiography reveals how football led him to the police force and then to lead the entire police force. This book also reveals high profile cases like 33 kg gold smuggling, arrest of Former Police IGP DB Lama and former Prince Dhirendra’s ADC Colonel Bharat Gurung to the hit and run case of musician Pravin Gurung and many more. Kharel has also written about political intervention in promotion and posting of police officers. He also talks about how a culture of appeasing seniors and reposting officers is practiced within the force. IGP Kharel’s story accounts a life of a policeman and also portrays the pitiful situation of the sports sector during his time. Unfortunately, both the situation remains indifferent after all these years.

ISBN (Paperback) 9789937921275
Language Nepali
Edition First
Genre Biography and Memoirs (Biography & Autobiography / Law Enforcement)
Publication Date 06 Oct 2018

२०५३ फागुन १५ मा मोतीलाल बोहोराको पदावधि सकिँदै थियो । म र ध्रुवबहादुर प्रधान भावी आइजिपीका दाबेदार थियौं । त्यही बेला मलाई प्रस्ताव आयो । 'म तपाईलाई वामदेवकहाँ लगिदिन्छु । तपाई २० लाख तयार पार्नुस् । तपाई नै आइजिपी बन्नुहुन्छ, ग्यारेन्टी । 'देउवा सरकार आज हो कि भोलि छ भन्ने हामी सबैले सुनेकै थियौं । भावी गृहमन्त्रीकै तर्फबाट प्रस्ताव आएपछि म दुबिधामा परेँ ।

अच्युतकृष्ण खरेल


Achyut Krishna Kharel

Achyut Krishna Kharel

Achyut Krishna Kharel was the chief of Nepal Police during the Maoist's Insurgency. He served in Nepal police for 31 years. He was also the captain of Nepal Police Football Team in the late 1970s. From his early days in police, he confronted smugglers and goons in Chitwan and Bhairahawa. He was a star cop during the panchayat era. He dealt with the then Panchayat heavy weights and the Palace. After the restoration of democracy,the Maoist conflict started to create impact in the law and order situation, Kharel had to lead the Police force with limited resources. During his high office at the Police service, Kharel had to work and maneuver through a complex relation between the political parties, palace, bureaucracy and the Royal Nepal Army.



Book Release: Achyut Krishna Kharel

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