Never Again

Never Again: Testimonies from the Nepal Conflict, 1996-2006

फेरी यस्तो नहोस्! नेपालको युद्द (२०५२-२०६२) का अभिव्यक्ति

Kunda Dixit

Peoples' expressions about a photographic exhibition on Nepal conflict, 1996-2006. This is the third book from Kunda Dixit's trilogy of pictorial books on insurgency in Nepal.

ISBN (Hardcover) 9789937802154
Pages 224
Language English
Edition First
Genre Insurgency (History / Military / Pictorial)
Publication Date 2009
Kunda Dixit

Kunda Dixit

Kunda Dixit is the Editor and Publisher of Nepali Times, a weekly English language newspaper in Kathmandu. He also teaches journalism at Kathmandu University.