Phoolko Aankhaama

फूलको आखाँमा

Ani Choying Drolma

Ani Choying Drolma was born in Bouddha. Her childhood was full of suffering and she grew up with much pain and complexity. To get rid of the pain due to her father’s death, she went into a monastery and later became a Buddhist nun. She learnt spiritualism, monasticism, and the meaning of loyalty, truth, patience and forgiveness. Today, she stands as a leading role of peace and harmony in the world. This autobiography is the twelfth translation of the original French edition.

ISBN (Paperback) 9789937874090
Pages 274
Language Nepali
Edition Third
Genre Biography and Memoirs (Biography & Autobiography / General)
Publication Date 2011
Ani Choying Drolma

Ani Choying Drolma

Ani Choying Dolma is a Nepalese Buddhist nun and musician from the Nagi Gompa nunnery in Nepal. She is known in Nepal and throughout the world for bringing many Tibetan Buddhist chants and feast songs to mainstream audiences. She has been recently appointed as the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador to Nepal.