Lal Babu Pandit’s life story now in a book

26 Oct 2017

Publication nepalaya is set to present its readers with yet another important personality of Nepal’s modern history. Coinciding with the Chath festival, an autobiography of a political personality who hails from the southern plains is being announced.

Lal Babu Pandit, a low-profile politician was successful in gathering wide attention and appreciation soon after taking over his first ministerial portfolio in his almost 40 years long political career. His fame did not come from his talks but from his actions. He was talked about for his honesty and courage to take on the scourge of corruption and malpractice.

He also became a bridge between communities at the height of caste polarization.

Lal Babu became an example of how determined a minister can be, if one dares to work for the nation’s benefit. He proved that even the ministerial portfolio like General Administration, which was considered far from public interest, can be an opportunity to prove oneself, if you have enough perseverance to fight against the ill practice within the civil services, which had become the norm. His remarkable stance as a minister changed the course of the nation for good.

Lal Babu’s uncompromising attitude on issues of national importance was a result of his long standing political career. The story of his involvement with the underground political movement alongside CPN UML’s popular leader late Madan Bhandari and his life as a student and a family man covers interesting facts. Above all, his ordinary lifestyle is compelling.

Publication nepalaya is gearing ahead to bring to life the autobiography of a man, who used his political career to change the very character of the power he possessed. Singa Dubar is known as Nepal’s Executive Center, hence his autobiography is named, ‘Singhadurbar Badalne Sangharsha’ – Struggle to Change Singadurbar.

‘I saw corruption and mal practices everywhere after I became a minister and hence I thought the process of change needs to start from within’ says Lal Babu. ‘I have sincerely put forward the work carried out during my tenure as a minister’. He added, ‘I hope people who are committed to change and nation building will read this book’.

Pandit has written the book in association with journalist Mukesh Pokhrel.

‘We decided to publish Lal Babu Pandit’s biography thinking his life and struggle would be an interesting read” says Saijan Maskey, CEO of Publication Nepalaya. ‘The book sheds light on a political leader, who showed tremendous hope and aspiration amidst utter political chaos’, she added.

The book starts with, him receiving a call from the Party Chairman informing him on being nominated for a ministerial post, while he was commuting in a public bus in Kathmandu’s Ringroad, and ends with him leaving the government quarters back to his rented apartment.

“Sharing one’s life story is putting yourself on trial’, he shared. ‘I leave it up to the readers to judge and decide”.

Politician Lal Babu Pandit’s Auto-biography named ‘Singhadarbar badalne Sangharsha’ will be available in the book stores in November. The book is priced at 325 NRS.

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