Narayan Wagle now with Mayur Times

01 Apr 2010

Journalist Narayan Wagle is all set to launch his second book 'Mayur Times'. His first book Palpasa Café was released in 2005 and is still considered as a best seller.

Written in the backdrop of Nepal's current conflict, Wagle's second book is also being published and released by nepa~laya.

Translated and published in English in 2008 by nepa~laya, Palpasa Café is being published in Delhi for the South Asian Market by Random House. It is also being translated and published in Korean language by Seoul based, The Forest of Literature for the North-East Asian Market.

Wagle's novel Mayur Times revolves around Nepal's transitional crisis.

Main protagonists of the novel – Parag and Lisara are both journalists.