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Nepalaya to publish ‘Kabi Shiromani Rachanawali’

16 Feb 2018

Kabi Shiromani Rachanawali, a five volume compilation, which includes all the literary works of Kabi Shiromani Lekhnath Paudel is being published by Publication Nepalaya. Born in Arghaun Archale, a village east of Pokhara, Poet Lekhnath Paudel (1884-1966) is a towering icon of Nepali Literature. He is honored with the title Kabi Shiromani. He is known for presenting complex poetry rich in traditional and classical precepts and philosophy but in a simple and colloquial style. 

Nepal’s revered poet, Mahakabi Laxmi Prasad Devkota, praised him as an ‘Academician of Saintly Imagination’. Even half a century after his death, few of his works remained unpublished. These previously unpublished works, as well as a collection of other published works, are presented here as a package. 

Works representing the evolution of Nepali literature are presented, to be cherished and enjoyed by readers now and in the future. The compilation is edited by Professor Sanat Kumar Wasti. His effort to collect, compile and present all the works by Laureate Paudel in a simple chronology is believed to help general readers to explore these works and attract new readers. 

“I remember writer Jagdish Ghimire expressing his wish to see Baba’s work being published, such that Nepali household would keep them with reverence. His wish coupled with Professor Sanat Wasti’s initiative and support from family members along with members of Lekhnath Foundation have resulted in this publication.” Says Dr. Prativa Pandey, Paudel’s granddaughter. “I am extremely glad to see the quality of work put into this publication.” She added. 

“It is unfortunate to realize that many important works of literature by legendary authors are not available in the market with ease. We believe such work needs to be published with value and hence we have initiated a title within nepalaya. Such books will be published under our nepa~laya classics series.” Said Kiran Krishna Shrestha of Nepalaya. 

This book is being released on Falgun 7, which coincides with the Poet’s death anniversary. The value added limited edition of ‘Kabi Shiromani Rachanawali’ comes as a set of five hardbound books with a price tag of NPRs. 6975.