Third Edition of Palpasa Café comes with a new jacket

11 Jun 2008

Journalist Narayan Wagle's debut novel Palpasa Café has come out in its 3rd edition. This edition comes with a new jacket and some correction as well and editing.

Author Wagle says,
"I have edited and fine tuned various chapters for the third edition. I am extremely happy that the novel is still stimulating the readers."

Published by nepa~laya, Palpasa Café has been a unique creation which has been appreciated by critics and common readers alike. Winner of several prestigious awards including Madan Puraskar & Aakyan Puraskar of BS 2061, it has sold more than 25,000 copies till date.

"Publication nepa~laya was launched with Palpasa Café about 3 years ago and had achieved a record of selling 5,000 copies in the first month. Since then, it has created and surpassed its own records time and again. It has been a great experience to see it grow in new forms and editions during these years." says Kiran Shrestha of publication nepa~laya. "With 25,000 already printed, our ambition now is to double this figure within a year. Plans to achieve the target are close to implementation" he adds.

 "With Palpasa Café – Nepali book industry has witnessed many milestones reveal. With Palpasa Café – readership of Nepali books has grown noticeably, especially among young people." 
says Anjan Shrestha of Educational Book Shop, distributors of publication nepa~laya.  

Earlier this year English translation of Palpasa Café was released, which too has entered its 2nd print and edition.

A special trail student edition of Palpasa Café tagged with just 100 rupees made a recent history by selling 3000 copies in just a week, during the Book Exhibition organized few weeks back.