Khana Khanubhayo?: Hamra Bhansabare Bazarka Bhram

खाना खानुभयो?: हाम्रा भान्साबारे बजारका भ्रम

Dr. Aruna Uprety, Laxman Adhikari

The book tries to quell the false impression about energy drinks and junk food created by popular advertisements, while delving into negative effects of food items widely available in the market making false promises—from beauty to instant weight reducing gimmicks.

ISBN (Paperback) 9789937909068
Pages 216
Language Nepali
Edition First
Genre Health and Fitness (Health & Fitness / Healthy Living)
Publication Date 02 Jul 2017
Dr. Aruna Uprety

Dr. Aruna Uprety

Dr. Aruna Uprety is a medical worker who has been actively involved in issues of public health, women's rights, and nutrition. She has worked as a public health specialist in several developing countries including South Sudan, Iran, Sri Lanka, Laos, India, and Afghanistan. She is a strong advocate of public health policies for the benefit of women and children. Laxman Adhikari is a journalist centering on social issues like health and environment. He has graduated on Media Technology from Purvanchal University.