A People War - Photo Exhibition - Syangja


Venue: Syangja

13 Feb 2008 - 14 Feb 2008

A People War - Photo Exhibition - Syangja

A two-day exhibition of conflict photographs ended on Thursday in Syangza with thousands of people from across the district visiting the exhibition. The exhibition was viewed by people from all walks of life including local leaders of the seven parties, civil servants, students and citizens.

The exhibition is part of a photo peace journey that has now been staged in 26 venues across the country and viewed by nearly 270,000 people. After Syangza, the exhibition travels to Baglung, Beni, Besisahar and Gorkha before terminating in Kathmandu on 1 March. The exhibition has 70 images taken between 1996-2006 by Nepali and foreign photographers included in the book A People War envisioned by Kunda Dixit.

"After seeing the exhibition, I realized that I had almost forgotten the tragic incidents of the past. Being a policemen myself, I was directly involved in so many clashes. I hope the exhibition and the photos will remain as an evidence for those who knew too little about the 10 years of conflict. For the remaining people, I hope it strengthens their desire for peace." Iswori Chapagain, a police officer in Syangza wrote in the comment book.

"I lost my father to the war. The war was fought to raise voice for people's supremacy not for individual gains. I hope voices of the victims will not go unnoticed." Ghanshyam Subedi wrote in the comment book.

A selection of these comments from all 30 exhibition venues of the country will be displayed at the Kathmandu exhibition on 29th February and 1st March.