Book on Ani Choying’s life story soon

15 Sep 2011

Singer of the hit song Phoolko Ankha ma, Ani Choying is soon to come to Nepali readers with her life story. When fame came to her as Nepal's famous "singing nun" few knew the true story of the struggle of this refugee child growing up in Kathmandu. In fact, the outside world knew more about Ani Choying than Nepalis themselves. Now, Publication nepa~laya is bringing out the Nepali translation of Ani Choying Drolma's autobiography, Phoolko Ankha ma. Ani Choying's heart-rending story of her childhood and her decision to become a nun are told in simple, yet deep prose. Very early in life, Ani Choying learnt to be self-reliant, and was motivated to take up the challenges of life, and to help others like her.