Narayan wagle’s new book ‘Koreana’ soon

31 Jan 2019

31st Jan 2019, Kathmandu 
Narayan Wagle ‘s new book ‘Koreana Coffee Guff’ is hitting bookstores soon.

“Wagle’s first book Palpasa Café is considered a turning point in Nepal’s publication industry. Palpasa Café not only inspired many new writers, it also redefined the publication market. Since its release in 2005, Palpasa Café has now gone through 30th reprints, making it probably the largest selling ‘non-text book’ novel in Nepali language. Several writers have acknowledged the contribution of Narayan Wagle and his first fiction Palpasa Café to the publication industry of Nepal.

“15 years after its release, Palpasa Café still sells at an average of 3000 copies a year, making it among the most valuable titles in our back catalogue,” said Kiran Krishna Shrestha of Publication Nepalaya.

Author Narayan Wagle is a journalist by profession. Literature is his passion. The upcoming book ‘Koreana Coffee Guff’ is his third literary work in the book form. His first book Palpasa Café won him much accolade including the most prized literary award of Nepal, the Madan Puraskar. His second novel was Mayur Times. However, literary identity of this acclaimed journalist was established through his weekly creative Saturday supplement column published in Kantipur. Titled Coffee Guff it was published on a weekly Kantipur supplement, Koseli. Koreana also subtitled as Coffee Guff, is his first book written in his signature ‘coffee guff’ style. Though this is Wagle’s third book, Koreana is his first non-fiction.

“Narayan’s writing can be categorized into three styles,” says Kiran Shrestha of Nepalaya. “He writes fiction (novels), he writes news, views and editorials (non-fiction) and then he writes Coffee Guff.” Added Kiran. “I have been a reader of Narayan’s Coffee Guff which used to be published in Kantipur’s Koseli, Saturday Supplement. I always used to be fascinated with the fantasy he would bring into facts through his column. I always found him as craftsman of words.” Recalled Kiran.

Coffee Guff is neither fiction nor purely non-fiction. It rather fits into a genre of creative non-fiction.

When asked why non-fiction this time? Author Narayan Wagle explains, “This is a literary work. It does not matter whether it is a fiction or non-fiction. The trend of categorizing write-ups is changing in world literature. We have even read books which are now categorized as non-fiction novels. Therefore, ‘Koreana’ could also be read as a novel by readers. I leave it up to them to choose a category they think it suits best.”

Along with the regular distribution of the book through all major book stores around the country, the book will also be available through online portals nationally and through Amazon worldwide.
Pre-orders can be made from and

Koreana is being released during the 2nd week of February. The hardbound of the book is priced at Rs.495.